A Year in Review

April 23, 2016 – one year ago today – I took the first leap in Sea Frog.  I left Florida for the Bahamas on an overnight sail.  It was the start of this grand adventure.  And what a year it has been!!!

There are just too many amazing memories, places and people to try and recount them all, but here are a few stats that help to put the year in perspective!

  • Number of miles under the Keel – 2839
  • Number of islands visited – 40
  • Number of countries visited – 16
  • Longest Passage – 41 hours and 223 miles
  • Number of overnight sails – 16
  • Amount spent – Well… WAY more than expected, more than twice what I planned 😦
  • Number of emergencies – NONE!!!
  • Number of new friends – countless
  • Number of new skills – limitless
  • Value of the experiences – priceless  🙂

It is amazing how much you can grow in a year.  I have experienced and overcome more this year than most people have in a life time, more than I thought possible.  I have challenged myself and the reward has been an unforgettable experience.

I have been electrician, mechanic, and plumbing specialist.  I have diagnosed and fixed problems with the engine, outboard, windless, auto pilot, stereo and oven.  I have learned the in’s and out’s of lithium batteries and chased down a leak in the water tank.  I have taken apart the head (yuck) and put it back together without any extra parts.  I have replaced the brushes in the wind generator twice and learned to patch a hole in the dinghy.  

I have learned that a dinghy doesn’t run without the kill switch (which is a funny story). To always make sure the furling lines are not fouled by the jerry cans.  That it is safe to run the engine at 2600 rpms.  I learned that Sea Frog is just fine on the bottom, even when you spend the night on a sand bar.  

I have experienced a million different shades of blue and untouched, pristine islands in the Bahamas,  I have experienced “Darrin’s Luperon”, I’ll never forget how Wendy’s erupted when they saw Darrin walk in!  We had a week of birthday celebrations in Ponce, where Jessie, Rhonda and I all celebrated our 41st birthdays in the same week.  I have swam with dolphins and rays, and got chased by a barracuda. I spent the summer at camp, in Grenada.  I did my first hash and hiked miles and miles on Dominica.  There are just so many wonderful memories and experiences.

Though I have not had any major failures on Sea Frog, I have had a buddy boat take on water during a passage and another get hit by lightning.  Over the last year I have come to love and respect Sea Frog, as compared to many cruising boats it is, well equipped and incredibly reliable and has made the year enjoyable and safe!

It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, I have had a number of lessons given to me by the school of hard knocks. But looking back my thoughts and memories are overwhelmed with the beauty, peace, smiles and laughs that have made up the last 12 months.   Here’s to the next year, more amazing experiences and the hope I will find someone to share it with!  

A special thanks to Darrin Kaiser, the best crew and friend!  I am not sure I would have made it this far without your help guidance and encouragement!  Miss ya 🙂

Don’t forget to follow my progress on my InReach Map – https://share.garmin.com/SeaFrog


  1. Kendra, living the dream! Very much enjoyed your company and energy while buddy boating in Dominica. Wish you many more happy sailing miles,
    Kathy and Pete
    S/V Delphinus


  2. Just heard about your adventure from a mutual friend, Mark Carroll. Very cool to read about! My girlfriend and I just took the ASA 101-104 classes in Grenada and have been looking for inspiration for the next steps…you may have provided it!


  3. Enjoyed reading your blog. There’s a Sea Frog here in St Martin. wondering if she’s the same one. Looking forward to further posts and inspired me to update my blog too.


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