Crew Change

Darrin left early November to head home, back to real life.  It took me a bit of time but I realized I did want to have crew on my trip up north.  Not because I have too but because it is much more fun to snorkel, hike, and explore with someone.  Yes there is a great cruising community here and I will see many of them as I move up the islands but having someone to share the experience with on a consistent basis is quite nice.  

So meet Tania.  Tania is from Torquay, UK and we connected through Party of Five and women who sail facebook group.  She was looking for 3 month sailing adventure in the Caribbean and I needed laid back crew.  


Tania is a racer, but very keen on understanding and experiencing the cruising lifestyle.  Well, just over a week into your 3 months and she is settling in, but is already convinced that owning her own boat might not be what she wants…….  😦  I have a few things fail so she has experienced the diagnostic, ordering and payment of boat parts (think expensive).  🙂

We are waiting for an inverter/charger to come in before we move north, but in the meantime we are planning to do some short trips to see Grenada, Carriacou and possibly the Grenadines.  

We should be on the move this weekend!  Keep and eye on us via the inReach

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