Our Underwater Life

So a very large part of living in the Caribbean is spending time in the water.  Snorkeling, swimming and floating.  Many of the everyday activities from boat maintenance, diving the anchor or visiting with friends require spending time in the water.  I have adapted well and craved this part of the life!  I am a water girl!  Darrin has done a good job of recording our underwater adventures on his GoPro.

There has been a technical difficulties that has caused a rather significant delay in sharing this underwater footage.  We finally got the editing software downloaded on my computer so I have edited down the hours of raw footage to small consumable videos that give everyone a flavor of each of the areas.

Since we were so far behind I figured the best way to share would be to provide you the youtube links for all the videos to date including; from Bahamas, Luperon, Puerto Rico and USVI.

Exumas, Bahamas –https://youtu.be/5YUMIrVfrME

27 Falls, Luperon –https://youtu.be/5R1QPB8WX_c

Baths at Culebrita, Puerto Rico – https://youtu.be/hBio3v0d-uc

Carlos Rosario Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico – https://youtu.be/RqBy1DlaKUs

Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI – https://youtu.be/vN2pNWYHEz0

Majo Bay, St. John, USVI – https://youtu.be/ZPkqjS4TUUc

St John, USVI and Patrick’s Visit – https://youtu.be/lH4sLP0LBKs

Some underwater observations!  Bahamas and the Exumas specifically, expose you to the most amazing colors of blue.  The snorkeling is good, but I am not sure we found the best places.  The water is crystal clear, and though we though the water was warm at the time, compared to farther south it is downright chilly.  J

In Shroud Cay we took the dingy through the mangroves to the other side of the island where there is a natural eddy current that takes you the last way section of the river to the beach.  We floated it a couple of times!  Wardrick wells was the best snorkeling we experienced in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful anchorage and the place where I was chased by a barracuda.  Thunderbolt grotto was a very unique experience.  It is a cavern that you swim into, some people even jumped from the top through these small and sharp holes in the top!

The 27 falls, though not a traditional snorkeling adventure, were truly a once and a lifetime activity.  OSHA and US government would never allow people to do what we did!  It was a hell of a hike up, 45 minutes and about 2000 ft, but worth it.  Some of the falls were slides, some were jumps.  The jumps were often into pools of water barely 10 ft!!!!

Culebra is still my favorite island so far!  The snorkeling was the best we experienced until we got to the BVIs.  Unfortunately, the best snorkeling spot, near Malones Beach, we forgot the GoPro so we didn’t get any video.  L  But I think the Carlos Rosario video will give you a feel!

The snorkeling in St John, rivals Culebra, but the variety and size of fish is much greater.  In St. John many of the areas are protected so the fish get much bigger and there is quite a variety!  I have to say I have a soft spot for Elkhorn coral.  It is just so majestic and grand.  The areas where there seems to be fields of Elkhorn are my favorite!

I would list all the fish we have identified, but honestly I would be here for another hour!  Maybe next time.  But we have seen a barracuda, nurse sharks, octopus, moray eel, cuddle fish, turtles, rays, spotted rays, cow fish, jacks, dog fish and so many more!

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  1. Hi Kendra, I was excited to receive your reply on Crewbay. How I long for the fresh air and clear waters of the Caribbean for the air quality here in Chengdu, China is hazardous. Let’s stay in touch as I follow your blog, and hopefully we can meet next summer. I should be back in Texas by February. Hallelujah! teacher John aka(swimslikeafish)


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